Sex After Kids

Is there such a thing as sex after kids? A lot of couples have a decrease in desire after the kids are born. Or there is a discrepancy, where one partner wants it more often than the other.

Sometimes mom needs time to heal. Or she may have a difficult time with the transition from mother to lover. Or her body image is challenged after giving birth and she just doesn’t feel as sexy.

Some couples struggle with finding enough erotic time in a new hectic that is controlled by a new, sleepless infant.

I was an expert guest on a recent Kids in the House episode where parents called in LIVE with their concerns about sex after kids.

The first caller was a young father who described the sexual difficulties in his marriage since the birth of their son.

He shared the frustration of feeling distant from his wife. He said this led him to have a one-night stand.

He did want this one night to ruin his marriage. He wanted to fix his relationship. He was afraid to lose his wife and their son.

The second caller was a young mother who talked about the challenge of finding space and time to be intimate in a small, one-bedroom apartment when you have a new baby.

She was concerned about sex with the baby still in the same room. She was afraid to traumatize her daughter with the sound of their lovemaking.

Click here to watch the episode (or read the transcript) to hear my expert advice for both of these callers and others like them.

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