Selling Sex: Should It Be A Crime?

Who is the Real Victim? The Secret Service and Legalizing Prostitution

Recently a dozen Secret Service military employees of the US military had their security clearances suspended when they got caught with their pants down in a prostitution scandal while on duty in Columbia. While still under investigation, this has vast security implications, considering they had the President’s travel agenda on their dresser while they were paying sex workers to come into their hotel rooms.

Apparently it was quite a party. There were at least twenty one women in their rooms in Cartagena. And the Secret Service boys would have gotten away with it, had they not tried to cheat one of the women out of her pay for the night. Apparently, and allegedly, she wouldn’t leave the party and complained that one of the guys hadn’t paid for her services. The local police got involved and the party quickly turned embarrassing.

Was this a sex scandal? It sounds like more of a money scandal. An exchange of currency was involved, there was a disagreement about payment and the woman stood up for herself. The sex worker wanted fair payment for her services.

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