Sex Can Keep You Young - Dr. Tammy Nelson

Science Proves It! My Book About Sex Can Keep You Young

Sex Can Keep You Young - Dr. Tammy NelsonA healthy, regular sex life has a number of physical health benefits. Now a new study shows that regular sex can keep you young, too.

How Sex Can Keep You Young

In addition to reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, reducing perceptions of pain, and boosting your immune system, researchers have recently discovered that women who have sex on a weekly basis have longer telomeres.

What’s a Telomere?

Telomeres are structures at the end of each DNA strand that affect how each of our cells age. These “caps” keep the ends of those DNA strands from becoming damaged.

Shorter telomeres are associated with a shorter lifespan, but it’s simple to keep those telomeres from breaking off and aging: Have more sex!

Read My Book to Increase Sexual Frequency & Stay Young

Of course, it’s not that easy to just start having more sex. You need a willing partner, and both of you need to know how to initiate and engage in sex that is pleasurable for both of you. Otherwise, you can quickly slide into a low sex/no sex relationship.

My book, Getting the Sex You Want, is perfect for helping you learn to connect in a way that results in happier, healthier, more frequent sex. This study shows that sex can keep you young. Therefore, science proves it: Reading my book can help you stay younger longer. Give it a try!

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