Is it time to renew or rebirth your relationship?

Is It Time to Renew and Rebirth Your Relationship?

Guest Author: Aviva Chansky Guttmann, LMSW

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Is it time to renew or rebirth your relationship?

Nature is not the only place to notice rebirth and renewal. We associate spring weather with new romances and the lightness we feel after winter’s weight and coldness. Often we are so glad to shed damp winter dreariness that we develop the colloquial spring fever. It’s a wonderful feeling of expanding boundaries and openness, and since many people around us are equally intoxicated so many things feel just right.

Although rebirth is most noticeable in spring the truth is we can experience a rebirth in our relationships and sense of personal identity at any time and it’s not contingent upon the weather.

We are ever-evolving in our approach to life and as what we value changes (and especially as we increasingly value ourselves) our approach to existing and new relationships changes. A new identity and self concept emerges and this is not static.

Reflect back ten years ago and count how many of the same people from that time remain in your life, how many are no longer there because of personal growth or change for either of you and how you would likely not select these people as friends again.

In existing relationships and with family members consider how relational dynamics have changed along with other changes including life cycle events and stages and health and career changes. Things by nature do not remain the same and this applies to absolutely everything.

What is rebirth in our relationships?


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