FREE Teleseminar: Writing and Publishing for Professionals in 2015


If you’re ready to begin your writing success story in 2015, then you need this completely free teleseminar on how to write and be a published author. It’s happening January 22nd and you must register here beforehand. You’ll learn what it takes to write a query letter, a book proposal, build your own social media platform and open your creative flow. Get clear on what you want to write, sharpen your expert niche and find your own unique voice.

This teleseminar is an introduction to my popular Writing and Publishing for Professionals (which starts February 12th).  Whether you are writing to publish nonfiction, a memoir or a clinical book or article, this course will help you to feel motivated, break through your writers block, and give you a finished product to either self publish, or submit to a literary agent or publishing house. This course will help you decide what your best course of action will be for your particular project and will offer you resources, guidance, alternatives and potential for publication.

A group can inspire you and more importantly, motivate you to get started and to finish to completion a project. Being accountable to a group, completing writing exercises, getting and giving feedback, and creating a plan for submissions will help you as a writer complete your projects. The class will help you get through a first draft, a second, a third and maybe more. It will help you create a plan and a vision for publication!

I am looking forward to a whole new semester of this course! So far one graduate has gotten a book contract, two have gotten editors, and three are almost done with their books and several are working on their proposals and are almost done.  Two graduates have been paid for their writing as a result of the course.  And one is almost at publication, they are in negotiation for a contract!  I even started a novel as a result of this class.  It has been an amazing experience to read and encourage these authors.

We are offering a special discount for Imago therapists and there are payment plans available!

Register for Writing and Publishing for Professionals here

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