Rediscovering your sexuality after divorce or infidelity

Sometimes marriages don’t survive the trials and tribulations of an affair and divorce can be the result. Even in the most congenial, peaceful divorce there is a loss of the self, and a grieving process. Divorce can be a profoundly damaging experience to a person’s self-esteem, confidence, even sense of identity as a man or a woman. Recent divorcees may find themselves asking, “Do I even want to become a sexual being again?”

Sexuality is a major component of overall health and wellness. It is possible to heal and rediscover your sexuality following a deeply painful event such as infidelity or divorce. This article by Debbie Martinez on HuffingtonPost, Rediscovering Your Sexuality After Divorce discusses many key actions to remember when rediscovering your sexuality after the ending of a relationship as you knew it.

Trying to prevent divorce after a period of pain or disconnection? Erotic dates are an important part of creating spontaneity and special time in your relationship. It shows commitment and intention in your relationship, and adds a caring and more erotic element to your connection. My latest eBook, Six Weeks of Erotic Dates & A Protocol for Erotic Recovery, provides a six-week plan for reconnecting with your partner and beginning the healing process.

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