Racial diversity in sex therapy

Please read this very important article from Woodhull’s Senior Strategist Elizabeth Wood: White Supremacy, Sex, and Ferguson

This brings up some important questions in the wake of Ferguson – do we need to be more sensitive to racial diversity in the sex therapy field, and in the publishing arena? In publishing right now agents and editors are looking for books by culturally diverse authors, with culturally sensitive and racial themes. Does being inclusive in publishing and in the field of psychotherapy and sexology solve the problem? Or is it purposeful segregation of the industries to pacify the sensitivity of those who see a predominantly white industry as a purposeful prejudice toward people of color?

It is an important question. As our country moves from an all white population to one that resembles a pot of multi-racial stew, we will all need to shift our views of what is normative and adjust our thinking when big issues like violence and law enforcement across race lines trickles down throughout the daily lives of those who think they are insulated and will not be effected. We are all effected by race issues. And we all need a little more sensitivity training.

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