Quick Tips: How Parents Can Maintain A Great Marriage

I posed an important question to our panel of YourTango Experts: What’s one thing that parents can do today to make sure they put their relationship first?

After all, you can’t raise happy kids if their core foundation isn’t rock solid; a healthy family is only as strong as the parents.

Repeat after me: Being a parent isn’t your only identity.

Sometimes, it seems as if being married today is a lot harder than ever. Whether it’s getting caught up in a super timely project for work, taking care of the kids or finishing chores, we’re all absorbed with our busy schedules.

We want to spend time with our spouses but things keep coming up and before you know it, “just ten more minutes” becomes a mantra in our marriage. And then we wonder why our relationship is in trouble.

Yes, it’s true that raising a family means putting in serious effort to keep the house tidy, put food on the table, as well as making sure that you take care of your kids’ needs. But as a wife AND a parent, it’s important that you also remember that your marriage is just as important — if not, more so.

Watch this video to see yours truly host a discussion with Imago Institute’s Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt, Tony Victor LCPC, Sue Butler LMFT and Certified Sex Therapist Kimberly Anderson about how you can maintain a great marriage. The good news is that isn’t as hard as you think!

For the list of 6 Quick Tips we came up with, click through to the article on YourTango.com.

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