Clinical Interventions for Intimacy & Relationship Dilemmas

Develop your skills at resolving intimacy and relationship dilemmas. Leading Edge Seminars presents Innovations in Psychotherapy 2023 with Dr. Nelson leading 17.5 hrs of training over 5 days in Cancun, Mexico. The course delves into communication blocks, desire discrepancies, sexual dysfunctions, affairs, and more.



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will host 3 groups of workshops at the beautiful DREAMS Jade Resort & Spa, Cancun, Mexico

Featuring Dr. Tammy Nelson in Week 2 – February 20-24, 2023


This February, psychotherapy’s thought leaders and expert clinicians will meet in Cancun at Innovations in Psychotherapy 2023 to share knowledge about the latest practices, theories, therapies, and advances in the mental health field.

This event takes place over three separate weeks, and there are six morning-only, 5-day workshops to choose from led by today’s leading clinicians. And whether you come solo or bring the family, you and your guests are invited to join in our optional Paradise Perks activities.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn in the morning, then enjoy afternoons at leisure at a 4.5-star, luxury, all-inclusive resort. Innovations in Psychotherapy Cancun 2023 promises to be one of the most important psychotherapy training events of the year!


Clinical Interventions for Intimacy & Relationship Dilemmas

Feb 20-24, 2023; 9:00 am – 12:30 pm daily

Schedule/Objectives and more info here

This workshop will explore integrative relationship therapy as it applies to working your most difficult relationship dilemmas.

All clinicians who work with anyone in any type of relationship will learn the skills and interventions to help clients out of the impasses that typically lead to loneliness, dissatisfaction, and frustration. We will cover the most common problems in relationships. This includes communication blocks, desire discrepancies, trauma, sexless relationships, sexual dysfunctions, affairs, separation, and divorce. All these problems can be worked on both in individual therapy and in relationship counseling.

If you are an individual therapist or someone who needs more training to work with relationship impasses, this workshop can help. You will walk away with interventions to help any client getting out of a relationship, looking for their next relationship, or trying to process their past relationship.


Thank you to our hosts atLeading Edge Seminars - Cancun organized this event.


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