PsychNetworker 2020 – Sexless Couples & Rediscovery of Pleasure

Dr. Nelson takes on the common issue of a sexless marriage and how to begin rebuilding intimacy and desire between partners. As one of the most common issues around sex and relationships, it seems like there’s never a clear process for resolving it. This issue surfaces in the therapy room again and again. You’re not alone now, Dr. Nelson is an expert in relationships and healing intimacy and she’s got practical processes for you. REGISTER HERE on the Psychotherapy Networker website.


A Full Day on Low-Sex and Sexless Couples

with Dr. Tammy Nelson

March 21, 2020

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Understanding Infidelity & How to Recover from an Affair - Dr. Tammy Nelson

Part 1 : Low-Sex and Sexless Couples

It’s a myth that if you fix a person’s relationship that intimacy will automatically improve. In fact, often it’s the other way around.

If you’re working with anyone as a couple or individually who is struggling with their relationship or sex life, you’ll want to be here for this all-new training.

Dr. Tammy Nelson, an expert sex and couples therapist, has developed a teachable process of working with individuals and couples who struggle with intimacy.

You will learn a unique 4-stage therapy process and how to develop an “erotic recovery plan.”

You will learn how to uncover where lack of desire originates in sexless and low-sex couples and how to treat individuals and couples using contemporary interventions and treatment models.

Through real case studies and real clinical demonstrations with Tammy, the course will focus on all the areas that are often at the root of low- or no-sex marriages and the most effective strategies. In each of the four stages of the therapy process participants will learn interventions and tools that increase desire and improve arousal, increase pleasure and decrease anxiety around sexual performance and increase intimacy and connection.



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Part 2: The Rediscovery of Pleasure

Many couples struggle with mismatched sexual desire—a formula for relational tension. When one partner is sexually dissatisfied and the other oblivious or dismissive, not only is sex a casualty but the quality of emotional connection also declines. This issue often emerges as part of couples therapy, yet most therapists are untrained in current approaches to sexuality.

This workshop will uncover where lack of desire originates in sexless and low-sex couples and how to treat desire discrepancy using contemporary treatment models. Through extensive clinical examples and videos, we’ll focus on three areas that are often at the root of low- or no-sex marriages: 1) pleasure resistance, 2) pleasure avoidance, and 3) pleasure rejection. The emphasis will be on the most effective strategies to help couples achieve sexual empathy, increase pleasure, and decrease anxiety around sexual performance. Strategies for different types of sexual relationships, straight and LGBTQ+, will be presented, including:


You’ll discover:

    • Techniques to work with couples around desire vs. arousal and performance vs. pleasure
    • The ins and outs of helping couples create monogamy agreements and other interventions for renewing low- and no-desire relationships
    • How attachment-based vs. individuation-based approaches compare when treating sexual dysfunction in couples
    • Clinical strategies for healing arousal dysfunction, renewing and rekindling desire, and integrating a trauma model into your work
    • How to address the three areas of pleasure disorder, and why they often involve issues around betrayal, trust, identity, and self-esteem

the Psychotherapy Networker Symposium 2019 is held at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, DC, click here for rates and info on hotel.

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Tammy Nelson, PhD, is a board-certified sexologist, an AASECT certified supervisor, a certified Imago therapist, a licensed professional counselor, and the author of Getting the Sex You Want, The New Monogamy, and When You’re The One Who Cheats.

Entrance to the conference required for attendance.