Intimacy for the Holidays – Learning Bundle Winter 2019

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Discover what’s possible when you ask real questions about real relationships and intimacy. You’ll examine low desire relationships, couples needing intimacy, overcoming obstacles to that intimacy and correct some of the myths about sexuality and how it impacts our lives.


5.5 hours of training by experts! Holiday Deal – 50% off!

This eLearn bundle brings together carefully collected information at a 50% discount on topics related to:Your solution to painful sex might be foreplay - Dr. Tammy Nelson

  • low desire relationships
  • Couples needing intimacy
  • Building desire
  • Overcoming obstacles to creating intimacy
  • Myths about sexuality and how they impact our lives
  • Healing the sexual self

Purchase includes recordings, handouts, and CEs for therapists if requested.


Building Intimacy (2 CEs – originally $99)

a recorded in-person lecture by Deborah Fox, LCSW with Dr. Tammy Nelson at ISTI

Connecting as a couple, emotionally and sexually, has challenges, but there are ways to cut through a mismatch of desire or needs within a relationship. Various factors that could result in low desire will be explored. Many people will face therapy for the issues in their bedroom, but even therapy can stall or break down. Learn how this happens and how to avoid it.

    • AASECT Core Knowledge Area: Sex Education CKA: B, C, E, H, I, M; Content Area Sex Therapy: A, C, D
      ISTI CSCT: Categories 2a, 2c, 2d

**Includes free eBook from Dr. Tammy Nelson

Women & Sex (2 CEs – originally $97)

a teleclass with Dr. Tammy Nelson

This course is a unique opportunity for women of any age and background to hear direct support and insight on real-life situations from a top expert in the field of sexuality. Dr Nelson is an internationally recognized speaker and leader in the field of human relationships and erotic monogamy.

        • AASECT Core Knowledge Areas: Sex Education B, C, D, E, I, M, N, Q; Content Areas Sex Therapy: A, B, C, D, E, F
          ISTI CSCT: Category 1d

Beginner’s Guide to Sharing Fantasies: How to Talk Dirty In Bed (1.5 CEs – originally $99)

a 90 minute teleclass with Dr. Tammy Nelson

Even if you’ve been too afraid to share your fantasies, or if you have tried in the past and failed, this course will teach you to communicate your fantasies and desires. Learn how to turn up the heat in your sex life and get it just right. Talking dirty can be hot and it can connect you in bed. But sometimes it can be hard to say out loud what you are really thinking. Learn how to be honest, and whisper, shout, growl and reveal your most erotic longings. Talking sexy will turn you on, turn your partner on and bring you to your most intimate moments together.

    • AASECT Core Knowledge Area: Sex Education: C, E, I, M; Content Area Sex Therapy: C
      ISTI CSCT: Category 1c, 1d