Working with Clients in Low-Sex & No Sex Relationships

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Register at Eventbrite here for 1-day training in Alexandria, VA to help you work with low-sex or no sex relationships. Learn a 4 step process and take your professional work to the next level. (Use red “Register Now” button ONLY to register.)


We are offering Tammy’s brand new clinical training – Working with individuals or couples in low sex / no sex relationships.
Up to 6 CE credits provided for licensed mental health professionals.

About this Event

  • 1-day only!
  • $100 off until midnight on Oct 15 (price goes to $227 if it’s not sold out)
  • Come be one of just 12 students who get to work with Tammy live in this small studio setting.
  • This course covers AASECT Core Knowledge Areas Sex Ed: B, C, E, H, I, M ; Sex Therapy: A, B, C, D; ISTI Integrative categories: 1a, 1c, 1d, 2c

Location: Tue, November 12, 2019, 8:30am – 4:00pm EST in Alexandria, VA


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Course Description: It’s a myth that if you fix a person’s relationship that intimacy will automatically improve. In fact, ofen it’s the other way around.

If you’re working with anyone as a couple or individually who is struggling with their relationship or sex life, you’ll want to be here for this all-new training.

Dr. Tammy Nelson, an expert sex and couples therapist, has developed a teachable process of working with individuals and couples who struggle with intimacy.

You will learn a unique 4-stage therapy process and how to develop an “erotic recovery plan.”

You will learn how to uncover where lack of desire originates in sexless and low-sex couples and how to treat individuals and couples using contemporary interventions and treatment models.

Through real case studies and real clinical demonstrations with Tammy, she will focus on all the areas that are often at the root of low- or no-sex marriages and the most effective strategies. In each of the four stages participants will learn interventions and tools that increase desire and improve arousal, increase pleasure and decrease anxiety around sexual performance and increase intimacy and connection.

This course is not just for couples therapists — it’s for any therapist who is working with clients who are struggling in relationships, individuals who feel a lack of sexual desire, or want to enhance their sexual relationships.

You’ll walk away being able to help almost any client or couple to move toward long-term erotic recovery!

SEATING IS EXTREMELY LIMITED (12 participants) so this will sell-out quickly. Register today if you want to be there with Tammy!

Learning Objectives:

  1. Participants will review core interventions for renewing desire, reviewing strategies for low desire couples.
  2. Participants will review treatment strategies and learn current paradigms for relationships with no sex couples
  3. Participants will understand how sexual and couple’s therapy can help with past, and underlying causes for sexless relationships
  4. Participants will understand the integrative cognitive, relational and physical issues that cause desire disorders and how they manifest in relationships
  5. Participants will assess for sexual traumas and integrate treatment priorities in a treatment plan focused on increasing desire
  6. Participants will explore how relaxation, sexual empathy and erotic recovery help to heal low sex and no sex relationships
  7. Participants will identify at least three types of pleasure resistance; pleasure avoidance, denial, and rejection and how these lead to sexual discrepancies
  8. Participants will learn how control, betrayal, trust and identity issues effect eroticism in sexual partnerships.
  9. Participants will learn treatment interventions for arousal dysfunction due to affairs and other betrayals
  10. Participants will explore erotic recovery, sexual empathy, and monogamy agreements as healing strategies
  11. Participants will learn how to create an erotic recovery plan as a couples therapy intervention.
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