ISTI: Therapist Training – Ethics, Fears & Secrets – Sept 2018 – DC


4 day training for the modern practitioner examines consensual non-monogamy, integrating sex therapy and couples therapy, aging and sex, plus intensive coursework on the intersection of trans and LGBTQ with sex therapy and couples therapy.


Ethics, Fears & Secrets: Aging, LGBTQIA Advocacy, and Alternative Relationship Styles

Sept 26-29, 2018

Held at : The Chicago School of Psychology – Washington, DC

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Weds – Sept 26:

  • Modern Relationships: CNM and Polyamory with Scarlett Ross
  • Ethics of Sex Work: The History of Paying for Sex with Dr. Tammy Nelson

Thur – Sept 27:

  • Let’s Talk About It – Can I Be Sexy If I am Also Old? with Pamela Finnerty, PhD
  • The Synced Up Therapist; Being an Empath with Dr. Tammy Nelson

Fri – Sept 28:

  • Ethics & the Sex Therapist with Michael Giordano, LCSW
  • How Do We Do Couples and Sex Therapy with Gail Guttman, LCSW

Sat – Sept 29:

  • Couples Therapy for the One Who Cheats with Dr. Tammy Nelson
  • Working with Transgender Clients with Hani Miletski, PhD, MSW

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7 CEUs per class day / 28 CEUs total

Sept 26 (Weds ) 9am – 12noon – Modern Relationship Styles, CNM and Polyamory with Scarlett Ross

    • Relationships are changing as our worldview includes more diversity, more possibilities for structuring relationships on an individual level. Consensual non-monogamy, polyamory, swinging and open relationships are modern relationship styles that can challenge you in the therapy room. We will explore the history of non-monogamy, how people discover and explore alternative relationships, relationship negotiations, the practical impact of alternative relationship styles and the challenges most often faced by partners in these relationships. We will unlearn the myths about these alternative lifestyles and how a monogamous mindset can be harmful in relating to these individuals.
    • Case Studies will be presented with Dr. Tammy Nelson.
    • Meets Requirements for:
      • AASECT Core Knowledge Areas: Sex Ed C, E, M; Sex Therapy A, B, C, D, E
      • Certified Sex and Couples Therapist (CSCT): Category 1, 3

Sept 26 (Weds ) 1p – 5pm – Ethics of Sex Work: The History of Paying for Sex with Dr. Tammy Nelson

    • The theory of sex work in the U.S.: Solicitation, exploitation, prostitution, empowerment, and pleasure will cover the rise and fall of sex work through the mid-19th century, through the antebellum through reconstruction till current times with FOSTA and SESTA going into law, to prevent sex trafficking, and these laws affecting sex worker advertising, Craig’s List shutting down personal ads and how this may affect sex work going into the future. We will also discuss the future of sex work, including AI, VR, and robotics, will they ever replace live sex workers?
    • In this class, we will review the ethics, history, practice, and review the research as it relates to this countries relationship to paying for sex.
      Disclaimer: This class will focus primarily on the history of female sex workers, taking into account that all genders have been and are affected by these topics. A brief history will cover trans, male and gender fluid sex work, and we will refer to a longer course and deeper materials for those wishing to do further research on this important topic.

      • Participants will be explore the ethical implications of sex work and the plight of sex workers in the United States, throughout history.
      • Participants will be review research methods to determine the effects of law and social strategies on sex work and the history of its effect on women and families.
      • Participants will learn the history of sex work and how recent FOSTA and SESTA laws and their meaning as they related to sex worker advertising and how this may affect the future of sex therapy work and marketing services.
    • Meets Requirements for:
      • AASECT Core Knowledge Areas: Sex Ed A, E, N, P, Q ; Sex Therapy A, B, C, D, E
      • Certified Sex and Couples Therapist (CSCT): Category 1, 2, 3

Sept 27 (Thurs) 9am – 12n – Let’s Talk About It – Can I Be Sexy If I am Also Old? with Pamela Finnerty, PhD

      • Millions of people are turning 55 every year, and are entering territory replete with misinformation and negative assumptions about the role of sex in the lives of older people.
      • In this workshop we will explore how sexual interest and expertise often increase with age; how many older people grow freer and more expansive sexually, and often are able to laugh and play about the challenges that can occur with sex and aging bodies as they work around them; how sex, like exercise, can contribute to not only the quality and pleasure in the life, but also to its length and strength. It seems that sex can actually increase longevity and health, and it certainly can increase the interest and pleasure in living in a time of unprecedented vulnerability and loss.
      • This course will include:
        • Participants will learn the sexual and physical limitations, the real and not imagined or overrated effects of post-menopause
        • Participants will explore their own beliefs, attitudes, fears about aging and sex
        • Participants will discuss the relational paradigm, partner relationships, and the stress of ongoing lack of partners
        • Participants will learn about STI’s testing, Self regulation, Self stimulation, Self-care Lubrication, vaginal care, medications, illness, Sex Toys
        • Participants will learn  Alternative paradigms around aging including polyamory, BDSM, Tantra, etc
        • Participants will learn interventions for aging and sex including INTERNET dating
    • Meets Requirements for:
      • AASECT Core Knowledge Areas: Sex Ed B, E, G, H, I, J, K, M; Sex Therapy A, B, C, E
      • Certified Sex and Couples Therapist (CSCT): Category 1

Sept 27 (Thurs) 1pm – 5pm – The Synched Up Therapist; Being an Empath with Dr. Tammy Nelson

    • In this training, we will look at ways that we can sync up with ourselves, our clients and ultimately with the potential of what we might offer to our work. We will explore what blocks our ability to stay aligned and we will go beyond our own self- imposed limitations to expand our innate ability to heal ourselves and others. We will discuss what it means to share the sacred space with our clients and use our intuition to sync with the goal of the session- whether it is physical, sexual, emotional or karmic healing.
    • Meets Requirements for:
        • AASECT Core Knowledge Areas: Sex Ed  A, E, F, I, M; Sex Therapy
        • Certified Sex and Couples Therapist (CSCT): Category 1, 3

Sept 28 (Fri) 9am – 12pm – Ethics & the Sex Therapist with Michael Giordano, LCSW

    • You create your OK Cupid account, start scanning the Quickmatch feature, and are quickly matched at 85% compatibility with a current client. What do you do, besides feel sick to your stomach?
    • This workshop will explore some modern dilemmas faced by sex therapists looking for love or other pleasures. With the guidance of the AASECT Code of Ethics and our own personal & professional philosophies, we will clarify our wants and desires for our clients & for ourselves, while exploring how our personal lives interact with our professional.
    • Attendees will participate in both small and large group discussions, talking about how to navigate on-line dating, engaging in the kink scene, going to your favorite yoga class, and seeing clients at a small gathering, and similar situations. Less didactic and more interactive, we will work to discuss the issues we don’t often talk about, all within an ethical, client-focused framework.
    • Meets Requirements for:
        • AASECT Core Knowledge Areas: Sex Ed A, C, D, E, F, I; Sex Therapy A, B, C, D, E
        • Certified Sex and Couples Therapist (CSCT): Category 1, 2

Sept 28 (Fri) 1pm – 5pm – How Do We Do Couples and Sex Therapy with Gail Guttman, LCSW

    • Becoming a sex therapist requires many courses in sex education and sex therapy. However, much of this course work does not include demonstrating how sex therapy is practiced. A central requirement in becoming a sex therapist is participation in a practicum, which can include role-playing, live demonstrations and videotape.
    • This course provides an opportunity to practice sex therapy and to observe what sex therapy sessions look like. Participants will role play different types of sex therapy cases, receive feedback and view a videotape of the presenter’s therapy. Couples and sex therapy theory will be discussed as it relates to the cases discussed, particularly basic CBT concepts and relational theory.
    • Come prepared to role play a case of yours or participate in a demonstration. Bring in any type of sexuality case you want to discuss.
      • Role play (with coaching) various couples/sex therapy cases and discuss the theory illustrated in the cases.
      • View videotape of a couple discussing a sexuality issue and discuss the underpinning of the case.
      • Integration of couples and sex therapy will be discussed and demonstrated.
      • CBT concepts of sex therapy will be discussed and illustrated.
    • Meets Requirements for:
        • AASECT Core Knowledge Areas: Sex Ed A, B, C, D, E, F, I, M, O; Sex Therapy A, C, E, F, G
        • Certified Sex and Couples Therapist (CSCT): Category

Sept 29 (Sat) 9am – 12pm – Couples Therapy for the One Who Cheats with Tammy Nelson, PhD 

    • Couples Therapy after infidelity using sex and couples counseling is an under researched and often misunderstood area of treatment. Treatment for the One Who CheatsThis is a workshop focused on the one who has had an affair, or a one-night stand, or online infidelity, or for anyone who has ever wanted to cheat and for the people who love them. We will also focus on the “other” man or woman on the outside of a partnered relationship.
    • This class is for professionals who want to understand the motivation behind these complex relationships and the people who have the affairs and the process of healing between the outside and the inside partners. This class can help the clinician understand the infidelity and how to help the cheater stay or go and how to help them heal. The class will focus on practical, easy to do interventions, and real life case examples with anecdotal stories.
      • Participants will identify and work through your sex-related stereotypes around cheating, affairs and infidelity and the resistance, guilt, and shame when working with affairs.
      • Participants will explore the roles in infidelity including the trauma triangle, and how the therapist plays a part in the treatment and reenactment of the affair.
      • Participants will learn how to help their clients end their affair with integrity and learn how to direct them to make decisions based on their own needs and not the therapists’ vicarious trauma triggered by unconventional sexual behavior.
      • Participants will expand their ability to communicate about sexual issues, cheating and infidelity in the consulting room.
      • Participants will learn to help clients create new monogamy agreements to create a new vision of for the future of their relationship if they choose to stay with either the affair partner or the primary partner.
    • Therapy for infidelity many times reinforces the trauma of the infidelity, awakening fear, uncertainty, arousal and heightened conflict, triangulating the couple and the therapist. Sex Therapy can play a crucial role. For the first time in a century, our culture faces the breakdown of marriage and is adapting a new monogamy, one which demands transparency, integrity and a new therapeutic model that addresses cyber relationships, open relationships and how to consciously create a new monogamy agreement after infidelity. Affair treatment and erotic recovery has three distinct phases and therapists can learn how to ethically learn the theory and the model of treatment from the author of The New Monogamy and the Director of the Integrative Sex Therapy Institute, Dr. Tammy Nelson.
  • Meets Requirements for:
      • AASECT Core Knowledge Areas: Sex Ed C, E, J, K, Q; Sex Therapy A, C, F
      • Certified Sex and Couples Therapist (CSCT): Category 1, 2

Sept 29 (Sat) 1pm – 5pm – Working with Transgender Clients with Hani Miletski, PhD, MSW

    • This workshops covers intersex/disorders of sex development, including history and biology – developmental sexuality. I will also cover “cross dressing” and gender dysphoria (this includes history and treatment issues).
    • Meets Requirements for:
        • AASECT Core Knowledge Areas: Sex Ed B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, M; Sex Therapy A, B, C, D, E
        • Certified Sex and Couples Therapist (CSCT): Category 1

All lectures will be taught by top experts recognized in the field of human sexuality both nationally and worldwide. Other faculty may be announced at a later time.

Included in your tuition: eWorkbook for module, complied by Tammy Nelson, Ph.D. with additional reading material and resources. Also included, coffee, drinks and light refreshments in the mornings.

About the Trainers:



Tammy Nelson, PhD, is a board-certified sexologist, certified Imago therapist, licensed professional counselor, and is a member of Women in Sex and Tech and the author of Getting the Sex You Want and The New Monogamy.  She can be found at




Gail Guttman, LCSW, specializes in the integration of couples and sex therapy. Gail has been a Certified Imago Therapist since 1994 and an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist since 1984. Gail offers consultation and supervision groups. She has been twice recognized by Washingtonian magazine as a “Top Therapist” in sex and couples therapy. Gail is also an AASECT CE Provider, AASECT Certified Sex


Therapy Supervisor and an Imago Clinical Consultant. She is passionate about helping therapists to integrate couples and sex therapy and welcomes different theoretical orientations in order to help each therapist find their own path.

Gail has presented on the subject of couples and sex therapy at the Integrative Sex Therapy Institute, Greater Washington Society for Clinical Social Workers, previous Imago therapy conferences, the University of Maryland and other professional organizations. She can be found at


Smiling Woman Hani Miletski



Hani Miletski, Ph.D., M.S.W., is a Certified Sex Therapist (Diplomate) and Supervisor by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT). In the July 2009 issue of the Washingtonian, Hani was listed as one of the top psychotherapists specializing in sexual issues. Hani is the author of “Understanding Bestiality and Zoophilia” and “Mother-Son Incest: The Unthinkable Broken Taboo Persists,” and various professional articles. Hani came to the United-States from her native country, Israel, in 1987 at the age of 25. She worked at the Embassy of Israel in Washington, DC as the Assistant Senior Representative of the Defense Mission to the U.S. for Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) Programs, and later as the Assistant Press Counselor, while going to school. Hani currently has a Private Practice in Bethesda, MD.




Based in Washington, DC, Michael Giordano has been a Clinical Social Worker since 1999. He earned his MSW from the University of Maryland, Baltimore and worked in small non-profits before entering private practice in 2007. His main interests are gender identity, trauma, and sex therapy. In his free time, Mike is a harried dad and an avid yogi.



Dr. Pamela Finnerty has been a therapist in private practice specializing in relationship and couples therapy for over 30 years. Sexuality and aging have been areas of specialization since her earliest training in the 1970’s at the height of explosive shift in paradigms of women’s sexual freedom. She ran women’s sexuality groups and taught human sexuality classes in the 1970’s and in the early 1980’s completed a certificate in gerontology as part of her doctorate. She went on to develop and teach one of the first courses in the country on Counseling Older Persons as part of her full-time academic career at George Washington University. Pamela is now an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist as well. In this later chapter of her long career, she is writing and teaching about the importance of sexual vibrancy and aliveness to the vitality and health of women and men as they age. The blossoming of her career long priority to help older people free and become their best sexual selves is an important element of her own continuing power, strength, and joy.



Scarlett Ross is a professional writer, teacher and wild woman with 20+ years of experience in polyamory, women’s studies and living intentionally through empowered choice. As a poly educator and activist, Scarlett lectures and writes widely and is an active Board Member for the Relationship Equality Foundation, a 501c3 educational non-profit in Georgia. Scarlett walks in the polyamorous world through thick and thin with her family of the heart including adults, children, cats, dogs, horses and many variations in relationship structure. She is a passionate teacher hoping to find love, friendship and insight through careful consideration, continuous exploration and just the right question at the right time.



Magali Lerman combines her personal and community organizing experiences with formal education to provide high quality customized support to health and justice systems. Previously, Magali provided direct and in-direct services to people in the sex trade as Director of Outreach and Organizing at Prax(us) and people who use drugs as Development Director at the Harm Reduction Action Center in Denver, Colorado. She supported governmental drug user health infrastructure development as the Drug User Health Fellow with the National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors, and now works with pre-booking diversion programs with the Open Society Foundations US Program’s Criminal Justice Initiative. Magali received her BA in Self Determination and Social Change from the Metropolitan University of Denver.



**This program meets the educational requirements of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) and is approved for 28 CE credits. These CE credits may be applied toward AASECT certification and renewal of certification. Completion of this program does not ensure or guarantee AASECT certification. For further information please contact or go to AASECT CEs are accepted and approved by NASW and APA in most states. Please contact your local certifying organization for detailed information.

** You will receive a refund less $50 deposit for your registration if you cancel within one week of the course. If you cancel with 24 hours notice for any reason, you will receive a refund less $100 deposit. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, you forfeit your tuition but may use your payment at any other time, for any other course.

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