Sex Tech, Trauma and Alternative Therapies


Experience 4 days of training with experts Tammy Nelson, Gail Guttman, Hani Miletski and instructors working in the field. Topics include ethics and couples therapy, a full day on military personnel and sexuality, and learning why good sex really does matter. Courses include case consultations as well as how to conduct a sex therapy evaluation.


Sex Tech, Trauma & Alternative Therapies

July 17-19, 2019

Held at : The Chicago School of Psychology – Washington, DC

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Wed – July 17

  • Cyber Sex, The Future of Tech & Sex – Bryony Cole
  • Sex and Technology and Couples – Tammy Nelson

Thu – July 18

  • Childhood Sexual Abuse and Alternative Therapies – Tammy Nelson

Fri – July 19

  • A Deeper Dive into IFS Therapy, Sexual Dysfunctions and Sex Therapy – Gail Guttman

**Courses and presenters may be adjusted periodically. Please check this page or contact for most up-to-date schedule.

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7 CEUs per class day / 21 CEUs total

July 17 (Wed) 9a – 1pm – Cyber Sex, The Future of Tech & Sex – Bryony Cole

    • Bryony Cole is the world’s leading authority on sextech. Since launching the top-rated podcast, Future of Sex, Bryony has been on stages across the world, defining the direction of sextech for governments, technology and entertainment companies. Her wide body of research and annual Future of Sex report are considered the lead in industry insights. She will discuss how sex and tech can be used in therapeutic modalities and will review the latest in tech, robotics and accessories and how they may apply to treatment.
    • During this course:
      • Participants will discuss cybersex, technology and interventions, and learn tools of potential treatment as they relate to use of sex and tech.
      • Participants will understand methods of approach that are up and coming in the sex and tech world and how they may applied to couples experiencing sex and intimacy conflicts.
      • Participants will review various modalities of sex and technology and how cyber-sex affects sexual function and treatment today.
      • Participants will apply the concepts from these three models in therapy sessions with individuals and couples.
    • Meets Requirements for:
      • AASECT Core Knowledge Areas: Sex Ed A, E, K, M; Sex Therapy A, C, D, F
      • Certified Sex and Couples Therapist (CSCT): Category 1a, 1c, 3b

July 17 (Wed) 2p – 5pm – Sex and Technology and Couples – Tammy Nelson

    • This course will review how sex and technology can be used to treat couples who suffer with intimacy conflicts, as a direct result of desire conflicts, disability, pain issues, orgasmic dysfunction, long distance relationships and fantasy discrepancy. This course will review how cyber sexuality and social media can impact treatment. We will follow up on the sex tech expert prescriptions in the first part of the day and move deeper into the techniques and interventions for psychotherapeutic models of relationship therapy for straight, and LGBTQIA couples.
    • Meets Requirements for:
      • AASECT Core Knowledge Areas: Sex Ed A, E, K, M; Sex Therapy A, C, D, F
      • Certified Sex and Couples Therapist (CSCT): Category 1a, 1c, 3b

July 18 (Thu) 9a – 12pm – Sex and Technology and Trauma – Tammy Nelson

    • In this course we will cover and review how childhood sexual abuse affects developmental phases of relationship satisfaction and contemporary research on its effects on desire, arousal, pain, orgasmic function and pleasure. More importantly, we will find out how the narrative of self-definition creates a relationship paradigm and how survivors benefit from therapy that is more than just a relationship ‘in a basket.’ In other words, they need more than just talk therapy with a therapist in a room. We will explore holistic interventions along with current sex therapy and relationship therapy interventions. Lecture will include research on art therapy, music therapy, somatic therapies, hypnosis, meditation, yoga, acupuncture, and other proven forms of treatment.
    • During this course:
      • Participants will learn how sexual exploitation, childhood sexual abuse, and sexual assault affect relationship satisfaction and sexual function as adults.
      • Participants will learn contemporary treatment approaches that include clinical interventions and skills.
      • Participants will explore optional alternate treatment interventions as adjunctive modalities for treating csa issues.
    • Meets Requirements for:
      • AASECT Core Knowledge Areas: Sex Ed B, I, J; Sex Therapy A, B
      • Certified Sex and Couples Therapist (CSCT): Category 1a, 1c, 3c

July 18 (Thu) 1p – 5pm – Trauma: Healing the Sexual Space – Tammy Nelson

    • According the Centers for Disease Control, one in four women have experienced some kind of sexual trauma. One in five report being raped and/or being sexual abused as children. Healing from trauma means understanding that when partners are ready to have sex as consenting adults, it can be hard to let themselves have pleasure with another person. The goal in this workshop is to know how to work with partners and couples to empower them to have total agency around their sexuality. Wanting to have sex is ‘normal,’ although some survivors can be confused about that. We will work with how to heal from shame, desire discrepancy, sexual dysfunction and partner issues.
    • During this course:
      • Participants will explore desire/arousal/pain/orgasm/pleasure issues as sexual pathologies, cultural phenomena and relational problems and healing from sexual trauma.
      • Participants will understand how sexual and couple’s therapy can explore the deeper, underlying issues that may be the cause of healing from sexual trauma.
      • Participants will review what is needed to add to current paradigm of treatment for sexual trauma and relationships.
      • Participants will explore how to use mindfulness, yoga and meditation techniques, to explore relaxation, sexual energetic and erotic expansion to heal from sexual trauma.
    • Meets Requirements for:
      • AASECT Core Knowledge Areas: Sex Ed B, I, J; Sex Therapy A, B
      • Certified Sex and Couples Therapist (CSCT): Category 1a, 1c, 3c

July 19 (Fri) 9a – 5pm – A Deeper Dive into IFS Therapy, Sexual Dysfunctions and Sex Therapy – Gail Guttman

    • Having successfully conducted short term, 10 session female sexuality education/therapy groups over the last 30 years, sharing the format and philosophy of such a group is both interesting and fun. Through this workshop, participants will learn the philosophy of and a general format for offering short term sexuality groups. Experiential exercises and the use of media will be demonstrated for learning purposes. Whatever type of sexuality group you decide to do, you will be able to use the format and theory to create your own group.
    • Meets Requirements for:
      • AASECT Core Knowledge Areas: Sex Ed A, B, C, E, G, I, M, N, O; Sex Therapy A, C, E, F, G
      • Certified Sex and Couples Therapist (CSCT): Category 1a, 1d, 2a, 2b

All lectures will be taught by top experts recognized in the field of human sexuality both nationally and worldwide. Other faculty may be announced at a later time.

Included in your tuition: eWorkbook for module, complied by Tammy Nelson, Ph.D. with additional reading material and resources. Also included, coffee, drinks and light refreshments in the mornings.

About the Trainers:

i-bXvBL69-MDr Tammy Nelson is a sex and relationship expert, an international speaker, and author of several books including, “Getting the Sex You Want; Shed Your Inhibitions and Reach New Heights of Passion Together”  and her new book “The New Monogamy; Redefining Your Relationship After Infidelity.” She is a Board Certified Sexologist, an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, and a Certified Imago Relationship therapist.  She has been a featured expert in Glamour Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Redbook, MSNBC, Healthy Life Magazine, Shape, Men’s Health, Men’s Health UK, Woman’s Day, Women’s Health, Twist Magazine, New York Times, Washington Post and a source in Time Magazine. She writes for the Huffington Post and  YourTango and gives workshops and Intensives for couples and trains therapists around the world on issues relating to sex and relationships.   She can be found at


Gail Guttman, LCSW, specializes in the integration of couples and sex therapy. Gail has been a Certified Imago Therapist since 1994 and an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist since 1984. Gail offers consultation and supervision groups. She has been twice recognized by Washingtonian magazine as a “Top Therapist” in sex and couples therapy. Gail is also an AASECT CE Provider, AASECT Certified Sex Therapy Supervisor and an Imago Clinical Consultant. She is passionate about helping therapists to integrate couples and sex therapy and welcomes different theoretical orientations in order to help each therapist find their own path.

Gail has presented on the subject of couples and sex therapy at the Integrative Sex Therapy Institute, Greater Washington Society for Clinical Social Workers, previous Imago therapy conferences, the University of Maryland and other professional organizations. She can be found at


Bryony is an international speaker, published writer and producer, who has been featured on shows like Viceland and Technopia, and articles in Wired, TechCrunch, The New York Times, Playboy, Mashable, Motherboard, ABC, Financial Review, Brides, Glamour and many other global media.Recent stage engagements include TEDx (Romania), Open Innovation Forum (Russia) and Tech Open Air (Germany) and Login Festival (Lithuania).


**This program meets the educational requirements of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) and is approved for 28 CE credits. These CE credits may be applied toward AASECT certification and renewal of certification. Completion of this program does not ensure or guarantee AASECT certification. For further information please contact or go to  Please contact your local certifying organization for detailed information on courses they accept for CEs.

** You will receive a refund less $50 deposit for your registration if you cancel within one week of the course. If you cancel with 24 hours notice for any reason, you will receive a refund less $100 deposit. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, you forfeit your tuition but may use your payment at any other time, for any other course.

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