Couples Conference

Join Dr. Tammy Nelson Friday and Saturday for two flagship courses at the Couples Conference 2022, organized by the Milton Erickson Foundation, and The Couples Institute.


June 24-26, 2022 – ONLINE


The Couples Conference is

organized in partnership with The Couples Institute.

You MUST register on the Couples Conference website using the link above. Cost: $125

FRIDAY, June 24 – The Future of Sex; What’s New?

On Friday, you can explore your own stereotypes around sex and gain new insights into BDSM, non-monogamy, and sex tech with Dr. Tammy’s ground-breaking course, The Future of Sex: What’s New?

Working with sexuality and the erotic behavior many people engage in today can challenge a therapist’s deeply held beliefs about sex and relationships. It can be difficult just to keep up with the impact of technology on sexual behavior, especially with the advent of sex robots, teledildonics, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. Intensive and fun, this workshop includes videos, expert panels, and small-group discussion to help therapists face their own preconceived notions and countertransference around sex and intimacy. You’ll explore:

    • Your own sex-related stereotypes, resistance, confusion, and shame in order to create a safe, nonjudgmental environment for clients
    • Alternative sexual practices that may come up in therapy, like open relationships, dom/sub relationships, nonmonogamy, fetishes, and BDSM
    • How clients are affected by new sex tech, including virtual reality and AI porn
    • How to expand your ability to communicate about sexual issues in the consulting room, and help clients create new pathways for pleasure in their relationships
    • Ways to process triggers and vicarious trauma that may be activated by unconventional sexual behavior

Saturday, June 25 – Therapy with the One Who Cheats
Saturday, Dr. Tammy brings her experience with infidelity recovery to the Couples Conference in Therapy with the One Who Cheats. Learn how to help the cheating partner grapple with their conflicted feelings and understand themselves to find a path forward in their relationship.

Many therapists dedicate much therapy time helping betrayed partners heal deep emotional wounds in the wake of an affair. Therapy is often lopsided in a victim–perpetrator model, dealing with the injury of the betrayal. Less attention is typically paid to helping the partners who had the affair, one-night stand, or online infidelity, especially regarding why and how it happened. This workshop will give you a more nuanced understanding of the motivations for the infidelity and present practical interventions around the underlying meaning of the cheating and what it means about the relationship. ​

Tammy Nelson, Ph.D. is a Board Certified Sexologist and AASECT Certified Sex and Couples Therapist TEDx speaker. She is the author of six best-selling books for couples, including Getting the Sex You Want, The New Monogamy, and When You’re the One Who Cheats. Her new book Open Monogamy was released in December 2022 with Sounds True Publishing. She is the Director and Founder of the Integrative Sex Therapy Institute and trains therapists throughout the world. Dr. Nelson is a frequent speaker at national conferences and is a featured expert in the NY Times, Rolling Stone Magazine, and London Times. She hosts the podcast “Ask Dr. Tammy about the Trouble with Sex.”


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