Pleasure Resistance & Disorders of Desire

I’m looking forward to participating in a special training at Harvard Medical School at the end of this week (Nov. 16-17, 2018). My course is called, “Pleasure Resistance and Disorders of Desire: Helping Couples with Sexual Discrepancies,” is part of a larger training on Treating Couples.


Desire discrepancies can lead to low sex and sexless marriages and relationships.

There are cognitive, relational and physical issues that cause desire disorders and instead of focusing on a performance model of sexual function, we will identify three types of pleasure resistance; including pleasure avoidance, denial, and rejection and how these can lead to sexual discrepancies.

This lecture will review erotic recovery and interventions for long term and conscious repair and revisioning of the intimate relationship.

I will teach practical and theoretical coursework to assist students in effectively integrating couples therapy with sex therapy.

This course will reflect my expertise in the field of sustainable and passionate relationships, Imago therapy, and skill in working with intimacy, affair recovery, monogamy issues, open marriage, and everything related to couples.

This course will utilize the most up-to-date theories and interventions designed to meet the changing needs of sex and couple’s therapists.

Course material will reflect modern issues and adaptive techniques that can be used right away in your couples and sex therapy practice.


  • Participants will understand the integrative cognitive, relational and physical issues that cause desire disorders and how they manifest in relationships.
  • Participants will identify three types of pleasure resistance: pleasure avoidance, denial and rejection and how these lead to sexual discrepancies.
  • Participants will learn how to use an erotic recovery plan as a long term couple’s therapy intervention.

How to Register

For more information on the 2 days of training, go to the Harvard Medical School website or download the course brochure here.

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