New Monogamy: Open Marriage, Good Marriage?

Traditional life-long monogamy isn’t for everyone, and many couples are thriving in new monogamy agreements, polyamory, open marriages. I love this article highlighting real life families who are making polyamory work: Can an Open Marriage Be a Good Marriage?

The article also includes fantastic advice for people interested in opening up their marriage:

According to Inara de Luna (of, a relationship coach who has been in open relationships for over 20 years, “It’s important for both partners to go through an assessment process to see if this relationship style might be a good fit for them. Ideally, this process should take place before there is a new erotic/romantic outside interest in a particular person. Once another human being is involved, then objectivity flies out the window and the urgency to consent becomes a pressure of its own.”

It’s crucial that you ask the right questions. According to de Luna, they include: “What are their motivations for opening their relationship? What do they expect out of such a relationship style? And what are their needs, limits, boundaries, and triggers?”

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