New book for small business – Evan Leepson’s Critical Connections

One of my students from the Writing and Publishing group has published his first book! Evan Leepson, MBA’s Critical Connections will be available June 1st. Evan finished his book proposal in my Writing and Publishing course and I’m honored to share it with you because I believe in the power of referral marketing.

The description from the publisher’s site:

Evan Leepson Critical ConnectionsCritical Connections is written for small business owners, the self-employed and those who provide professional and personal services. Part workbook and part self-help and resource guide, it guides you step-by-step through strategies and tactics geared to building business relationships using traditional and social media marketing.

Loaded with tips, tactics, quizzes, real-life stories and examples, this hands-on workbook will help you create your own customized marketing plan. It delivers answers to your burning marketing questions:

— Where do I begin?

— What do I really need to know about social media?

— Why do I have to put so much time and energy into networking?

— How do I get the best bang for my marketing buck?

Critical Connections reframes the definition of marketing as the care and feeding of strategic relationships and personal interactions with both referrers and clients. By the time you have finished the exercises presented, you will have created a marketing plan that will propel your business forward and relieve the stress that many small business owners feel when faced with marketing their businesses or services.

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Whether you are writing to publish nonfiction, a memoir or a clinical book or article, this course will help you to feel motivated, break through your writers block, and give you a finished product to either self publish, or submit to a literary agent or publishing house. This course will help you decide what your best course of action will be for your particular project and will offer you resources, guidance, alternatives and potential for publication.

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