Narcissists are more likely to cheat

Narcissists wreak havoc on relationships, in both the therapists office and the bedroom. A new research study (mentioned in Psychology Today) has found that sexual narcissists are more likely to cheat. How do you avoid getting involved with a sexual narcissist? Know the warning signs (sexual entitlement, sexual grandiosity, a lack of sexual empathy) and maintain your boundaries regarding sexual give-and-take.

Think you might be in a relationship with a narcissist? Or you might be one yourself? Therapy may be the best step to take.

If you’re a therapist with a narcissist in your office, it’s probably no surprise to you that they can be your most challenging clients. Thankfully Wendy Behary, author of Disarming the Narcissist, joined me for a 3-hour teleclass on Anger, Narcissism and Countertransference. Throughout the course, practitioners gain understanding of coping styles that manifest as bravado and mask inadequacy as well as intolerable shame, sadness and loneliness. This new insight will allow you to set limits with your narcissistic client and create new treatment goals along with clarity around your own feelings in the treatment room. Learn new skills and interventions for managing your countertransference and empower yourself as the provider.

Recordings are now available for download on my site at Working with Your Most Challenging Couples: Anger, Narcissism and Countertransference

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