Love in the Time of Facebook

An old friend came to see me today. 

I hadnt seen him in at least 15 years. 

We had connected through email, and stayed in touch recently through Facebook.  We exchanged pictures of our kids, texted a few times, talked on our cell phones as we were driving to respective conferences.   Coincidentally (or maybe not – hey, we liked each other for a reason) we were both pursuing PhD’s when we connected, and as mine is finished (this past week) and I feel somewhat complete (for at least 5 minutes) its interesting to have this blast from the past standing in my office staring down at me from his considerable height, and smiling at me with that familiar grin.  Like another cycle of my life has been closed, and come around again to remind me where I came from. 

We talked about our history, our parents, our lives at the time we knew each other, and before.  And now.  He confessed he was nervous around me, and I wondered why.  I feel like the same person.  I havent changed.  Well, ok, I have gotten older.  Grayer.  Thicker around the middle.   But I am still young in my mind.  Only I have more diplomas on the wall.  And I feel luckier.

I feel lucky to have the life that I do.  Lucky to work at a career that I would do for free, but that pays me well.  Lucky that I can write every day if I want to, and sometimes do.  Lucky that I have the husband I do, who supports me in never ending and surprising ways.  Lucky to have beautiful, smart, amazing and healthy children. 

And I feel lucky to have friends in my life that are bright, challenging, and that are interested enough to seek me out and stay my friend on Facebook.  No one has blocked me so far.  That I know of.  And some actually drive long distances and stop by to see me, after 15 years.   How lucky is that?

Facebook may be a time waster, a trouble maker, a distance creator.  But its also a connector, a friend finder, a reuniter.  And for some, a way to keep the love alive.

For all of you who want to find me on facebook, feel free to friend me.

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Stay Passionate,

Dr. Tammy Nelson


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