Are You Killing Your Sex Life?

Couples create low sex relationships. But it only takes one to get it up and running again.

What Gets Your Partner “In the Mood?” Do More of That.

One of the reasons for sexless partnerships, according a recent HuffPo article, is that partners may have mismatched sex initiation styles.

What does this mean for you? You are killing your sex life. You aren’t paying attention to what gest your partner in the mood. In fact, you might be doing the opposite.

While you may love to be thrown on the bed and have your your clothes ripped off as a form of foreplay, your partner may prefer a much subtler style, like a secret sexy smile and a squeeze of the hand under the dinner table.

Unfortunately, this kind of sexual disconnect leaves both of you feeling rejected and neglected.

Discover Your Sexual Initiation Style…Then Talk About It

Petra Zebroff, who wrote the HuffPo piece, outlines seven distinct initiation strategies (or habits) that people practice. You might recognize yourself in one or more of these.

After you’ve read her article, consider sharing it with your lover and asking them what their preferred method is. Share what approach turns you on most often. Ask if he or she prefers to be the initiator or the receptive party.

Learning to talk through what’s killing your sex life in the bedroom can clear up all sorts of mismatches and misunderstandings. Discussion is your best bet for getting the sex you want.

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