Intensives are private psychotherapy sessions for couples who are traveling from out of town and cannot make it to weekly sessions, or want a more in-depth experience. Like a couples workshop, we explore intensive ways to increase the connection and intimacy in your relationship, resolve conflict, and work through shame, guilt and anger in your partnership.

Recently I had a couple come to my office from Chicago.  They scheduled an intensive for 7 hours, and wanted to “save” their marriage before they got back on a plane to go back home.  When they arrived, they sat in my office with trepidation, on separate ends of the couch.  They looked at me with worried eyes and that exhausted look of pain that said they had been feeling this for a long time.

We started with a dialogue that told me what had brought them together in the first place.   I wanted to learn about what attracted them to each other when they first met.  We started with appreciations.  It was obvious they hadnt appreciated each other for some time, and it softened the energy in the room just to hear and remember what was special in their hearts that hadnt changed.

Working privately with a therapist for four to six hours, couples get the same benefit from the day of therapy that they would from a whole weekend of a couple workshop, sometimes created dramatic and long lasting shifts in their relationship.

Special issues and conflicts can be focused on in an Intensive such as Affair Recovery, Substance Abuse, Sexual Dysfunction, ReSexualizing relationships, Grief Work, Pre-Marital Vision Quest, Second Marriage Preparation and Step Parent Coaching.

The couple from Chicago made it through the 7 hours.  About half way through, deep into their conflict, they realized that this type of therapy was different than what they had experienced in the past.  They were feeling heard and validated, and they were pushing through their issues, recommitting and renegotiating a new marriage going forward.  Grieving what hadnt worked from the past, they moved into a brand new vision of what they each wanted. 

At the end of the session they had skills they could use and had already put into use during the day.  They left for the airport after the session tired, tearful, and holding hands.  And scheduled for a “booster” session in three months!

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