How Do You Get the Sex You Want - Dr. Tammy Nelson blog

How Do You Get the Sex You Want?

How Do You Get the Sex You Want - Dr. Tammy Nelson blog

What is the number one thing that will guarantee you get the sex you want?

Communicate. Before you have sex for the first time.

Did you talk about sex with your partner before you did it with them for the first time? Did you share your sexual preferences, what you like to do and how you like to do it?

Most people don’t. They fumble around and hope their partner figures out how to make them happy in bed. When they don’t, it can end a new relationship.

Sex is an Important Topic in Premarital Counseling

If you are getting married, it is more important to bring up this (for some) delicate topic. Many people now starting to understand how helpful premarital counseling can be. A few therapy sessions prior to marriage can teach both of you how to communickate about sex. Sex is one of the most important subjects you will ever discuss, if you are to stay together for a lifetime.

Don’t Set Yourself Up for Failure

Too many couples avoid communicating about their desires and preferences. They believe their partner should read their mind and should automatically know what to do and how to do it just right. But we are not mind-readers. And every one of us is different. You set yourself and your partner up for failure if you don’t ask for what YOU want.

Pre and Post Marital Sex Counseling Available

Check out my tips for talking about sex with your fiancee in the recent article on WeddingWire. And then let me know if you’d like to schedule a premarital counseling session.

If you’re already married, but having difficulties in the bedroom, I’m happy to work with you, too. It’s never too late to start getting the sex you want.

And check out my book, Getting the Sex You Want, for great exercises and tips for communicating about fantasies and desires today!

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