Can you keep love alive and juicy?

For many of us, marriage is frustrating but wonderful. For others, those frustrations can turn into deeper resentments, and when betrayal and hurt create real ongoing problems, we may harbor secret fears that our love has died, that our connection is severed. We don’t talk about it, we don’t share it, we might be terrified when those feelings surface.

Or we might wonder why normal boredom slowly turns into such unavoidable dullness that being with our partner for any amount of time seems to draw energy from the room. Renewing our marriage may seem impossible. Can we ever restore the original excitement when there has been neglect or even trauma to our marriage?

When our deepest resentments and secret fears that we may even hate our partner and that our marriage is dead are hidden from our partner (and sometimes ourselves) beging running our lives, can we change?

It is possible to reconcile after an affair when there’s more uncertainty, hurt, and despair than affection? Working through intense frustration and betrayal and even long term dullness can happen, but there are certain steps we need to take move through the hardest stages of recovery. Find out how.

Love & Death in Marriage & Affairs: Reconciling Love and Hate in Committed Relationships

A two-part teleseminar by Dr. Janis Abrahms Spring & Dr. Tammy Nelson

Week One: Overcoming fear, dullness, anger, and the death of passion
Week Two: Fostering acceptance, gratitude, and an enduring connection

Class starts June 10th!

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