Houston Flooding from Harvey 2017

Houston, I’ll See You Next Spring

Houston Flooding from Harvey 2017

It’s been over a month since Hurricane Harvey slammed into southeast Texas and devastated Houston and the surrounding area.

Unfortunately, when Irma and Maria showed up, the national news coverage shifted away from the recovery efforts in Houston. We stopped seeing the reactions of people returning to their now-destroyed homes. The news was focusing more on the impending threat of the next storms. The piles of refuse lining the streets of Houston neighborhoods took a back seat. The flooding in that city no longer made headlines.

It became easy to forget that people are still struggling in Houston, that the city itself is still reeling from the effects of Harvey. But there are still houses without roofs, people without houses, and many are still mourning the loss of loved ones.

In the wake of this tragedy, the Southwest Sexual Health Alliance has postponed until spring my presentation as part of their Sexceptional Lecture Series (date TBA).

I had been looking forward to my October visit to Houston, but I am in favor of the organizers’ decision. The city needs to focus on recovery and rebuilding. In the springtime, we can join together to focus on sexual health.

My heart is with the victims of all the hurricanes and my wish is that through the tragedy and the heartache, partners grow closer and strengthen their bonds. Give yourselves permission to grieve for all you have lost, but also don’t feel guilty for whatever moments of joy and connection you can find during this difficult time.

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