Have you been phubbed?

Phubbing, a combination of ‘phone’ and ‘snubbing,’ is the newest word to describe how our technologically obsessed culture is breaking down the relationships that are so critical to our happiness. Use of technology is a fine line between helpful and harmful. Sexting within a committed relationship keeps your sex life interesting, but what if your partner is texting at the dinner table during date night.

A research study out of Baylor University has looked into this phubbing phenomenon and they found that phubbing has detrimental effects on the participant’s relationships, creating conflict that leads to lower satisfaction with the relationship.

What if you’re being phubbed on a regular basis? Have a conversation with your partner about how their cellphone behavior makes you feel and set boundaries around cellphone use. I recommend not during date night, and certainly not during your sex date!

For more information and ideas for how to discourage phubbing or to stop phubbing your own loved ones, check out StopPhubbing.com

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