Happy End of Summer! We’re celebrating with special events

I LOVE summer. The fresh flowers, the farm up the street with fresh fruits and vegetables and long days at the beach…being outside in the sun is healing and powerful. Personal projects might be on the back burner, but I seem to get things done. I am connecting with my loved ones, I am writing, I am doing Intensives, I am planning my fall schedule…what are you up to?

What new goals have you set that you want to begin when the summer comes to an end? Set your intentions now…time is flying by! If one of your ideas is to start or complete a writing project…you should join me for my latest, private Writing Retreat in Cape Cod, which will help motivate you to reach the finish line. I am accepting pre-registrations now via e-mail: tammy@drtammynelson.com.

And, as my gift to you this summer, take 50% off my Sizzling Sexy Summer Seminar Bundle! Get SIX hours of teleseminars on SEX for the price of THREE. This price is only good until August 23rd…so BUY NOW!

Stay tuned for more of my upcoming fall schedule and enjoy the beauty and excitement of summer!

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