Give your sweetie a trip for Valentine’s day!

A travel-company sponsored study has found that couples who travel together enjoy greater intimacy, connection, and satisfaction than couples who travel separately. From this article,

“Key research findings include:

– Couples prefer taking a short trip to receiving gifts – Nearly two-thirds of couples (63%) surveyed say a weekend getaway is more likely to spark romance than large or small gifts. Just one-third (36%) viewed receiving small gifts the same way, and only 15% rated getting big gifts like jewelry as important to improving romance.

– Traveling alone together sparks romance – More than eight in ten (83%) of those who travel as a couple say the romance is still alive in their relationship, and fully seven in ten (72%) of the couples surveyed believe traveling inspires romance.

– Couples who travel together report having a better sex life than those who don’t – Three-quarters (77%) of respondents who travel as a couple say that they have a good sex life, compared to 63% of couples who do not travel together. More than one in every four couples (28%) say their sex life improved after traveling together – and of those, 40% say sex together is permanently better after travel.

– Couples who travel together have more time for intimacy and sex – A majority (59%) of couples say that being more intimate is an important reason to vacation together. Among couples that did not take a trip together in the past year, nearly one in four (23%) say they “do not have enough time for intimacy and sex.”

So this Valentine’s Day, give your sweetie tickets to paradise!

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