Getting the Sex You Want in TIME

And God Said, "Just Do It"


In an article in TIME on Thursday June 26, 2008, entitled "And God Said, "Just Do It,"" the new book "Getting the Sex You Want" is quoted as a resource used to improve marriage.  According to a directive from the Rev. Stacy Spencer and his wife Rhonda to the 252 married people at their New Direction Christian Church in Memphis, this book can help improve their sex lives, and therefore, their marriages.

When New Direction launched its "40 Nights of Grrreat Sex" program, the Spencers discovered the book in their campaign to improve the sexual relationship of their congregants. David Van Biema, the author of the article called "And God Said, "Just Do It," quotes the head of New Direction, "Spencer discovered John Gray’s Mars and Venus in the Bedroom and Getting the Sex You Want by Tammy Nelson."

This past month, two couples released books about their attempts to have sex every day for a year, and every night for 101 nights. The issue of sex in committed partnership is in the forefront of the news today, and "Getting the Sex You Want" is a timely and important contribution to this movement. A guide to help couples begin to communicate about their sexual needs, and bring passion and vitality to their love lives, this new book helps improve relationships.

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