Get the Motivation You Need to Reach Your Writing Goals

Do you dream of being a writer, publishing an article or a book? For most, November is a bit early to be thinking about New Year Resolutions for 2015… but if you have been meaning to start, complete, or publish your writing project then plan ahead for January and sign up for the next session of Writing and Publishing for Professionals. This course will give you the information to create, continue and give birth to your dreams.

Writers need support, encouragement and feedback. A writers group can provide positive suggestion and critique to give guidance and direction to a project that is stuck or in the vision stage.

A group can inspire you and more importantly, motivate you to get started and to finish to completion a project. Being accountable to a group, completing writing exercises, getting and giving feedback, and creating a plan for submissions will help you as a writer complete your projects. The class will help you get through a first draft, a second, a third and maybe more. It will help you create a plan and a vision for publication!

Sessions start in January and run through May 2015. For more information or to register, go to Writing and Publishing for Professionals Winter 2015. Payment plans are available, contact for more information.

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