Could your genes make you more likely to cheat?

The media has, once again, gone crazy with a new study. This time they are claiming that some women have a specific gene that leads them to cheat on their partners. What’s really happening is the media is twisting a scientific study from the University of Queensland in Australia that was published in the peer-reviewed journal Evolution and Human Behavior into clickbait.

The study was evaluating whether any of the evolutionary theories regarding sexual infidelity could be supported with genetic evidence. What they found was over 50% of men and women who have a particular gene engaged in “extra pair mating”, aka cheating. The researchers state that the result is strong enough to warrant further study, not conclusive evidence that if you have the gene, you’re going to cheat.

Read Media heralds the discovery of ‘infidelity gene’

What do you think? Will you run out to have genetic testing done to be sure you don’t have the “cheater gene”?

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