This is the time of year most people feel frustrated about something.  Almost 70% of everyone tries to start a diet in the New Year and more than two thirds of those diets will last about three weeks, average.  Its been a little more than three weeks now.  Are you still dieting?

Some of us start new projects, make big promises and try to committ to some type of serious change for the New Year.  It takes a good three weeks to integrate change, and three months to make it permanent.  So if you havent changed anything and made it part of your routine its unlikely that you will experience your goals. 

To avoid frustration, change one thing today in your day.  Pick something that easily fits into your life.  Try to add in something new instead of getting rid of something old.  For instance, if you are trying to eat healthy add more water to your diet instead of trying to stop eating carbs. 

If your frustration is not diet related, take a minute to decide how you are handling the rest of your life.   How are dealing with stress?  Learn to relax by taking some deep breaths, visualize a calm place and maybe add in a yoga class. 

In another three weeks check in with me about how you are doing!

Dr. Tammy Nelson



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