Finding Love After Divorce

This article by Jenny Kavensky on the Good Men Project talks about how  how the dating scene can be intimidating for newly divorced individuals looking for meaningful relationships and love. Many people are taught to see divorce as a failure and this combined with the anxiety of not having had to date for a  long period of time can be overwhelming. Both men and women may feel  insecure, guilty, and stuck.  This can be the result of old patterns of relating that are still  running them around from their youth.  Sometimes we need to work these through before we are ready to date again.

But once you are ready, is it possible? The answer is a resounding yes. People who have had a divorce, particularly an intentional and compassionate one, bring a wealth of skills and wisdom to their new partnerships. Dating life after a divorce is an opportunity to create new habits and replace old negative patterns. It’s an exciting opportunity to start fresh and re-imagine the sorts of relationships that might be possible.

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