Fifty Shades of Grey: Recreating Erotic Consciousness

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Check out what Wendy Stragr of Good Clean Love thinks about Fifty Shades of Grey and what the fantasy has to do with reality:

What is most riveting in the story is hard to say and probably is as individual as each of the millions of readers; romanticizing the acts of forced entry, displaying the mysterious neurological cross wiring of pain and pleasure, or surrendering helplessly to the orgasmic release that holds greater force over us than even the most dominating lover. Sexuality that is simultaneously forbidden and commanded of us both terrifies and titillates. These dynamics are not just fiction… Every day these juxtaposed forces play out in real life sexual scenes. Our collective sexuality is replete with scenes of confused pleasure that should never have occurred; from date rapes to incestuous touch, from the sexual crimes of politics and war to the aggression of inappropriate familial intimacy and workplace sexual harassment. In the end it is our designated politically correct and age appropriate sexual boundaries which are more fiction than reality for much of the true history of sex on this planet.

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