Does Your Bedroom Need an Erotic Makeover?

If you’re like me, you sleep with your cell phone next to your bed.

You may even have a clock radio and/or a television in your bedroom. I know many of you work on your laptop sitting up propped on pillows with your legs under the covers.

If any of these things are true, you may be harming your sex life.

Your bedroom should be a sacred oasis, devoted either to sleep or sex. Nothing else. There should be no electronics, wires, or screens in your bedroom.

Think about the effect of the screen time in your bedroom. Is it helping or hurting?

If you can’t get rid of all of your electronic devices, try to carve at least one night a week out of your schedule and claim it as a screen-free “sex date night.”

On sex date night, you don’t have to have sex, but you should focus on your erotic relationship. Turn off your phone. Cover the television. Come out from under the laptop.

Turn your bedroom into a Temple of Eros on sex date night. Cover the lamp with a scarf, light a candle, turn on sexy music, wear something sexy.

Make sex date night different and more sacred than any other night of the week. Make sure you are both committed to the night and the time, regardless of emails, homework, or Netflix. Make your sacred erotic life your priority.

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