Helping Couples in Crisis - Dr. Tammy Nelson

Do You Feel Comfortable Helping Couples in Crisis?

Helping Couples in Crisis - Dr. Tammy Nelson

Relationships can be difficult. It can be stressful to be in a romantic partnership even on a good day. Bringing that tension and stress into the treatment room can be challenging for the therapist, as well. In this online training for therapists, I am joined by the top clinicians in the field. We teach therapists the most effective ways to help couples in crisis.

Many professionals shy away from it.

Recently I had a couple in my office who decided that they were ending their twenty year marriage. He had cheated, she was ready to move out. Using every skill I have learned over the past thirty years, I worked with them in our sessions, week by week. We used the therapy, and I knew it was either “wake up” or “break up” time.

This couple decided to stay together.

But many times, couples decided they are ready to complete their marriage.

Either way, couples work is hard.

Now you have an opportunity to increase your knowledge, skills, and comfort in this area so that you can help. I hope you’ll gift yourself and your clients with this unique training.

For a limited time, you can access this training at a deeply discounted rate, so check it out now.

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