Could Open Marriage Be Right For You? - Tammy Nelson blog

Could Open Marriage Be Right For You?

Could Open Marriage Be Right For You? - Tammy Nelson blog

Which is Better: Monogamy or Nonmonogamy?

Open marriages and polyamory are being hotly debated in the mainstream today. There are valid and viable reasons to stay monogamous and also many alternatives to traditional monogamy.

The stereotypical perception of open marriage is that it is a form of infidelity and can be hurtful to a marriage. Yet many open and fluid arrangements are healthy and fulfilling, some more than traditional monogamous marriages.

If You’re Opening Your Relationship, Discuss Boundaries

For both monogamous and consensually nonmonogamous couples, as I told Global News recently, it’s important to talk with your partner about your boundaries if you’re considering opening your relationship.

Not everyone will have the same idea of what “open” means. And not all marriages are suited for this kind of an arrangement.

What All Couples Should Consider

Many of the same components of a successful monogamous relationship are also true of consensual non-monogamous arrangements.

All relationships require open communication and mutual respect.

Without an open discussion about your monogamy agreement, your commitment may face challenges.

Open dialogue is key.

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