Communication is Key to Having More Sex

Communication is the Key to Having More Sex

Communication is Key to Having More Sex

Americans of all ages are having sex less frequently than previous generations. Although the reasons are unclear, a recent study posted on the Today Show website and in the Washington Post, reports that even Millenials are having less sex with fewer partners.

Couples used to report more sex than their single peers but are now saying they have erotic interactions less often.

While many factors can contribute to low-sex/no-sex relationships, a primary culprit is the lack of communication skills between partners. People expect their partners to read their minds and that sex should always be as easy as it was during their courtship period.

Communication is a skill that couples can learn in my book, Getting the Sex You Want. How to ask the right questions, have simple dialogues, and show appreciation can increase desire and make it easier to talk about preferences. Most partners value real conversations that validate their feelings and show them how to listen with heart.

Partners learn to rebuild trust and to erotically reconnect to each other through the unique dialogues I teach in my book. I can also give couples this experience and teach them how to work together in my office when we meet in private sessions.

You can have the sex life you desire withthe right tools to help you get there.

Let me know if you’d like help learning this unique and easy-to-learn communication style. Bring passion back to your relationship!

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