The Changing Face of Marriage

Ready to bridge the gap between traditional ideas about marriage, commitment, sexuality, and the realities of how couples live today? You can. Explore the cultural, economic, and demographic forces shaping contemporary relationships in an all-new 6-session Webcast series from Psychotherapy Networker — The Changing Face of Marriage.

Join clinical innovators Esther Perel, William Doherty, Pat Love, Terry Real, Joe Kort, and Tammy Nelson (yours truly) for 6 ground-breaking Webcast conversations. The series kicks off October 22 at 1pm Eastern.

During my session Wednesday, November 26 at 1pm Eastern, we’ll learn guidelines for helping couples understand, define, and negotiate the personal boundaries of fidelity and betrayal. We’ll explore how to:

  • Distinguish between implicit and explicit agreements about fidelity
  • Negotiate clear rules for porn, use of social media, and nonsexual but intimate relationships (i.e., “emotional affairs”)
  • Understand the issues that can arise when working with nontraditional couples, such as those in open and polyamorous relationships
  • Distinguish the role of privacy vs. secrecy in relationships
  • Help clients end affairs with mutual respect and integrity

This is a great opportunity to learn from all 6 of these leading relationship experts. Make sense of non-traditional attitudes about intimacy, sex, and commitment you’re seeing in your clinical work. Get the big picture as you explore the cultural, economic, and demographic forces shaping contemporary relationships.

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