Celebrities Looking for Baby Fix

Look for my expert advice about celebrities having babies to save their relationship —– I love being quoted in an article about Fergie!!!  Read EXCERPTS from an article by April Daniels Hussar of Bettyconfidential.com here:

Fergie and Josh Reaching for a Baby Bandaid?


The danger of trying to have a baby to “save” a marriage


-April Daniels Hussar


The first year of marriage is tough – everyone knows that. The excitement of the wedding planning is long fizzled, the princess-for-a-day dress packed away, the bachelor party photos hidden, and the honeymoon … yep, it’s over. Some couples cope with it better than others. And some struggle. By all accounts, Fergie and Josh Duhamel fall into the latter category. Reports have been flying that, a mere six months after walking down the aisle, their made-in-Hollywood marriage is rocky. So why then, are they trying to have a baby?

Yes, it looks like the Black Eyed Pea and her hunky Transformers hubby are reaching for that magical – and nonexistent – Baby Bandaid in an attempt to save their marriage.

Friends of Josh Duhamel tell BettyConfidential.com that he and Fergie are trying to have a baby. Fergie, 34, has admitted that she and Josh, 36, want children, but the time wasn’t right since she was on tour with the Black Eyed Peas…….

So what do experts say about the couple’s attempt to put a Pea in Fergie’s Pod so soon after their walk down the aisle? In a nutshell … BAD IDEA!

 …………….Is there an ideal time to have a baby? Experts say it varies, depending on the age of the couple and the strength of their bond, but it’s never a good idea to rush into it………..

Tammy Nelson, author of Getting the Sex You Want explains: “With the added pressure of celebrity, the world watches couples trying to make it, and the appeal of adding a baby to a relationship to make it work seems manageable in the moment. It’s sort of like buying a new house. But you can’t sell your baby once you realize that the relationship isn’t going to work out.”

Of course – you CAN sell their baby photos. Just one of the perks of being a celeb.






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