Sex After Kids

Is there such a thing as sex after kids? A lot of couples have a decrease in desire after the kids are born. Or there is a discrepancy, where one partner wants it more often than the other. Sometimes mom … Read More

LGBTQI Kids Need Sex Ed, Too

“Youth across the US, and the entire world for that matter, deserve access to relevant, contemporary information about sex,” said Robert Parmer recently in Elite Daily. Rarely today is there mention of LGBTQI+ issues when sex education is offered in … Read More

Think a good divorce is rare?

It’s actually not, and you can play an important role in helping couples who have decided on divorce, to end their union with civility, new self-awareness, and good will. In this video for Psychotherapy Networker, I will walk you through … Read More

Is Monogamy Over?

TIME Magazine posed this important question to content creators and thought leaders for yesterday’s Question Everything issue. It’s an important conversation the world needs to have, but particularly amongst couples therapists. We have a unique opportunity to guide couples in … Read More

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