It’s time to talk to your doctor about sex

While it may feel embarrassing to talk to your doctor about your sex life (or lack there of), not talking about it won’t help improve your sexual satisfaction. In my book, Getting The Sex You Want, I speak to the … Read More

Bisexuals can be monogamous

Civilities columnist Steven Petrow hit the nail on the head with this answer to confusion about Anna Paquin’s bisexuality and recent announcement that she is now married to a man. Petrow highlights the myths, legends, and stigmas associated with bisexuality … Read More

Is BDSM a choice or an orientation?

Following Monday’s post about myths of BDSM, I’d like to challenge another myth regarding this sometimes taboo topic: Is BDSM a choice? Is BDSM and Kink a sexual orientation? Jillian Keenan ( makes a great argument for why BDSM/Kink is … Read More

Fifty Shades of Myths About BDSM

The latest buzz in the world of sex is the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, due out Valentine’s Day 2015. The huge popularity of the three book series brought BDSM into the bedrooms of mainstream readers and into every day … Read More

Letting go of shame

I’d like to share a beautiful piece about letting go of the stuck energy that shame creates in the body, in our relationships and in our hearts. The author, Garet Bedrosian, is a student in my Writing and Publishing Class. … Read More

Is “Porn Addiction” real? How can we help?

The debate continues around the world. An article from The New Age online (South Africa) highlights a study by clinical psychologist Dr. David Ley that found no physiological side effects of using sexually explicit material. The author of the article … Read More

Is it OK to deny your spouse sex?

A spiteful husband’s spreadsheet of sex has been circulating the internet at astounding speeds. It raises a lot of questions about sex, obligation, and responsibility in marriage. How much sex is too little? Is his wife obligated to provide sex … Read More

Naked truth of aging

In our culture we’re taught when we’re young that our looks are everything. What happens when we get older, when our skin isn’t quite so smooth and our bums not so perky? Does it mean we’re doomed to a live … Read More

Growing up is better than being young

Is 42 the new 22? Is being a 42 year old woman the ultimate in sexy? This article in Esquire, primarily geared toward male readers, shows lots of hot women in the best shape of their lives. Have we as … Read More

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