Narcissists are more likely to cheat

Narcissists wreak havoc on relationships, in both the therapists office and the bedroom. A new research study (mentioned in Psychology Today) has found that sexual narcissists are more likely to cheat. How do you avoid getting involved with a sexual … Read More

Why we stay in unhealthy relationships

Have you ever been in a relationship that made you super unhappy and stressed, so emotionally drained that you just didn’t know what to do to make things change? There’s nothing worse than not being able to figure out where … Read More

Fiction is healing

Could you treat your emotional woes with a good piece of literature? Yes! Bibliotherapy is a healing tool that allows clients to live, experience, and practice in an imaginary simulation that the brain considers to be real life. If you’re … Read More

My inspiration: David Whyte

I love David Whyte and his works including books, poetry, talks, CDs, workshops, etc. His philosophy and approach to life, especially writing, rings very true for me. I thoroughly enjoyed reading an interview with David Whyte recently on Spirituality & … Read More

Guest Blog: Bucket List Revamped

Diane Merpaw is a student in my Writing and Publishing Class this semester. Her writing is focused on increasing sexual connection. Bucket List Revamped By Diane Merpaw, Professional Sex Coach and Canada’s Goddess Coach I am excited to share … Read More

Brits censor BDSM porn

Earlier this week, a decision was made to prevent all UK media producers from creating BDSM/Fetish style pornography. Thankfully it doesn’t prevent British viewers from finding and watching their favorite pornography, whatever it may contain. It only restricts Brits from … Read More

Limited Time Offer: Holiday Desire Bundle

The holidays are coming and what better time to focus on your true desires? Now you can heat up your relationship with this limited time offer of three teleclasses full of DESIRE! The Holiday Desire Bundle is great for Hanukah … Read More

6 Most Common Myths About Sex Addiction’s Hayley Matthews has brought together some of the leading AASECT experts to debunk the 6 most common myths about sex addiction. The highlights include: “…sex addiction is a cultural label that is not clinically accurate.” – Dr. Neil Cannon … Read More

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