Bruce Jenner’s gender identity goes public

The gossip world has been a-buzz for months speculating about Bruce Jenner’s gender identity. Celebrity gossip in and of itself can be dangerous, but add gender identity into the mix and Bruce Jenner has been the center of a very … Read More

Aphrodisiac Foods that Really Work

Did you know The Aztecs named avocados after testicles? Many foods are known to be aphrodisiacs or great for fun sexy times (whipped cream or chocolate covered strawberries anyone?). But how do they work? I recently contributed to an article … Read More

Monica Lewinsky and The Price of Sexual Shame

Monica Lewinsky has been shamed and publicly humiliated for decades now. She was blamed for the president’s shameful humiliation and dragged through a media storm never before seen in this country when she admitted, or was forced to admit, that … Read More

Hockey teaches us about love

In America most of us sports fan are engrossed in either Baseball or Football. In Canada, the popular sport obsession is hockey. Hockey is more than a sport to Canadians – it’s integrated into every day life. Because hockey is … Read More

Video: What is a sex therapist?

Some people are unclear about what sex therapists do. I am so happy that Dale Allen and Arden Donahue invited me to share my work as a sexologist and sex therapist. We shared some great tips and tools to open … Read More

Could energy work save your marriage?

In today’s world going to a therapist when your marriage is falling apart is like going to the Shaman or the healer in the old days when we lived in tribes, and the ancient elder held the key to lighting … Read More

Fifty Shades of Feminism

I was in Paris for the opening of the movie, Fifty Shades of Grey. There were over 2,000 advanced tickets sold for the opening night in Paris, and almost 5,000 tickets sold for the 2:00 p.m. show. The movie opened … Read More

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