20% of women in college are sexually assaulted

As a woman, a mother, a teacher, a therapist, I’m horrified and sad to know that 20% of women in college in the US experience sexual assault. This statistic has been challenged by men’s rights activists but a new study … Read More

You don’t want sex, but your partner does

One of the most common reasons couples seek sex therapy is because of a difference in desire: one person wants sex but the other person doesn’t. It can be really frustrating both physically and emotionally for the partner who desires … Read More

What Adventure Looks Like at Age 82

Check out this video of a 82 year old grandmother trying Pop Rocks for the first time. I love how she is willing to try a new adventure, and what joy she takes in the discovery of a new sensation! … Read More

Six phases of sexual intimacy

We meet in the grocery store, at a sporting event, or online then fall in lust, then fall in love. Next comes the engagement, wedding, and babies. Finally we end with an empty nest and aging bodies. Throughout a life … Read More

VIDEO: Break Out Of Your Rut In The Bedroom

It’s a well known fact that every relationship has its ups and downs. And sometimes, those peaks and valleys are in the bedroom. If you’re like most people, in the beginning you never had any complaints about your sex life. … Read More

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