The Couple’s Weekend Workshop

by Cyma Shapiro  (Or how to stop childhood patterns, find happiness, and restructure the relationship loop) Cyma was a participant in my recent Getting the Love You Want workshop.  She wrote this beautiful article about her experiences with her husband … Read More


This is the time of year most people feel frustrated about something.  Almost 70% of everyone tries to start a diet in the New Year and more than two thirds of those diets will last about three weeks, average.  Its … Read More

Picoult on Vulva Cancer in Redbook

Writer Darci Picoult has a great article in January’s Redbook Magazine about her experience with vulva cancer.  This is an excerpt from her blog:   After writer Darci Picoult had major surgery to remove and reconstruct her vulva, she … Read More

New Year Resolutions for 2011 – for MEN only

Men and women are different.  This seems like an obvious statement.  Yet when it comes to New Year’s resolutions, the sexes do it differently.  Men focus on resolutions like “make more money” or “lose weight.”   But they don’t normally set … Read More

New Years Resolutions – women and weight loss

You may be making a list of all of your resolutions for 2011.  However, if you are like most women, they may not stick.  Although women make New Year’s resolutions twice as often as men, less than one half follow through more … Read More


COUPLES RETREAT with Dr TAMMY NELSON    At Casa De los Artistas, 10 miles south of Puerto Vallarta March 12-19, 2011 – saturday to saturday Getting the Love You Want – and Getting the Sex You Want – in one amazing … Read More

How to Make Passion a Priority

There are two parts of relationships, companionships and eroticism.  Your companionship is how you get along, how you manage your family life, your home.  The erotic aspect of your partnership is how you feel about each other.  This is where … Read More

Can Facebook hurt your marriage?

Today I posted a question on my Fan Page on Facebook; it seemed like the perfect place to ask: “Does Facebook hurt your marriage?”  Within twenty seconds almost fifty people responded.  All said“YES” in capital letters. I guess Facebook users … Read More

The New Monogamy on the radio today!

Today September 20th – I will be on the NPR affiliate WHYY on the show Voices in the Family talking about The New Monogamy 12pm EST – Tune in! It airs in the Philadelphia area, but you should be … Read More

Why a couples retreat?

Why go on a couples retreat? For the same reason you would take a workshop.  A weekend away to focus on your relationship, whether it is in town or far away, is a journey into intimacy and a more connected … Read More

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