By Tammy Nelson, PhD The Imago Dialogue process is a type of communication developed by Harville Hendrix, the bestselling author of Getting the Love You Want, a book about communication and couple’s therapy. The dialogue is a structured technique that … Read More

Do you trust men?

Kendra Cunningham is a great stand up comedian I know here in the NY area.  And she’s pretty articulate when it comes to relationships.  I wanted to share her blog with you today.  Because its funny. Cross Examiner Extraordinaire I’ve … Read More

What is the new monogamy?

My upcoming book, “The New Monogamy” is a guide for singles and couples who want to decide what monogamy means to them.  In our current environment of internet sex, pornography and the resurgence of swinging over recent years, more couples then … Read More


A one-hour teleseminarPresented by Dr. Tammy Nelson and Dr. Janis Abrahms SpringJune 29, 2011 – 12pm to 1pm Eastern Cost: $49 YOU DO NOT HAVE TO JOIN LIVE — LISTEN ANYTIME!  Affairs are all about secrets. How can a therapist … Read More

Why Cant We Talk?

When you are frustrated with your partner, communicating your feelings may be a good way to get it out. But sometimes we are afraid to talk to our partner about our needs. Discussing an unmet or a problem with your … Read More

Shameless by Pamela Madsen

Great book – SHAMELESS –    

Why you shouldn’t call him “Sweetie”…

The May 2011 Cosmo featured an article I contributed to about the toxic nicknames you should never use with a loved one. You would never call your guy Love Muffin or Pooh Bear in public. But dropping those so-sweet-you-wanna-puke nicknames … Read More

Why You Shouldnt Call Him Sweetie

You would never call your guy Love Muffin or Pooh Bear in public. But dropping those so -sweet-you-wanna-puke nicknames into even private convos can take a serious toll on your relationship….. For more of this article by Anna Davies, with Dr. Tammy … Read More

Arnold and Maria; The Truth Comes Out

I have to say I was somewhat dismayed when I heard that Arnold and Maria were breaking up.  And I was really bummed out to hear today that the reason for the split is Arnold’s affair with his maid – … Read More

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