Are you willing to try plastic surgery for sexual pleasure?

Have you heard about the controversial treatment for increasing sexual pleasure now available through plastic surgery: shots of collagen in the G-spot? Doctors are calling it “G-shots in the G-spots” and it’s becoming a popular treatment for increasing g-spot pleasure. … Read More

9 ways to initiate sex

Women are socialized to be shy about sex and can have a hard time bringing up the topic.  But it’s difficult to get what you want  in bed if you don’t ask for it. Check out this list of suggestions for … Read More

Is sex addiction an excuse for avoiding other concerns?

What does the label “sex addict” mean to non-heteronormative people? Some people believe sex addiction should be a psychiatric diagnosis when sexual behavior problems may at times be a symptom of a greater concern. Dr. David Ley says, “Because our society is … Read More

Are 10 Minute Orgasms Possible?

CityKat of Sydney Australia says absolutely! (according to a recent study) Extended Sexual Response (ESR) is prolonged and multiple orgasms due to a learned response to sexual stimulation. A technique called the 4-spot-method helps to facilitate this response. Simultaneous stimulation … Read More

Arousal Overcomes Disgust During Sex

Sex involves a lot of potentially disgusting things such as bodily fluids, odor, and sweat. Dutch researchers recently discovered that arousal might overcome disgust in women. Aroused women reported being less disgusted and completed more disgusting tasks than their counterparts. … Read More

Is long-term monogamy possible?

As a guest on Hollis Polk’s radio show “Your Life, Your Relationship” we had a great talk about whether long-term monogamy is possible. Listen in as we discuss what infidelity is and how technology has made infidelity so much easier. “There’s no … Read More

Fifty Shades of Monogamy

Fifty Shades of Grey is popular with women because it’s both erotic and monogamous; a perfect combo If you haven’t heard about the popularity of the novel series, “Fifty Shades of Grey” by E L James, than you are either … Read More

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