Being Transgender in Prison

Robert contacted me, frantic. His fiancée, Paula, is currently serving time in a southern state prison, and has so far served four months of what could be a thirty-six month sentence. Paula is a transgender woman. But Paula was placed … Read More

Loving Someone Who Is Transgender

Last week, Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce Jenner, came out with her new docudrama, I Am Cait. It follows her journey through her transition as male to female, and as the public watches her emotionally fueled family dynamics with the Kardashian … Read More

Gender is not binary, but on a spectrum and fluid

Richard Friedman, in his article in the NY Times this past Sunday, August 22, 2015, How Changeable is Gender? says that, “The prevailing narrative seems to be that gender is a social construct and that people can move between genders to … Read More

Celebrating freedom (to form family) this July 4th!

After the historic Supreme Court decision on marriage equality June 26th, many families across our nation are celebrating their freedom to marry the people they love. This Independence Day, we celebrate our independence from Great Britain and the establishment of … Read More

Being Transgender: The Words That Hurt

Vanity Fair’s recent photo spread in the July issue shows the new Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, with a cover photo of Caitlyn after facial surgery clearly identifying as a female. She is currently all the rage. I … Read More

Bruce Jenner’s gender identity goes public

The gossip world has been a-buzz for months speculating about Bruce Jenner’s gender identity. Celebrity gossip in and of itself can be dangerous, but add gender identity into the mix and Bruce Jenner has been the center of a very … Read More