COUPLES RETREAT with Dr TAMMY NELSON    At Casa De los Artistas, 10 miles south of Puerto Vallarta March 12-19, 2011 – saturday to saturday Getting the Love You Want – and Getting the Sex You Want – in one amazing … Read More


FOR THOSE WHO MIGHT BE INTERESTED IN A FREE TELECLASS:Join Rachel Moheban and her special guest Tammy Nelson PhD, Board Certified Sexologist and Certified Imago Relationship Therapist in a free TELE class “EROTIC RECOVERY AFTER INFIDELITY” Tuesday, September 21st at … Read More

Why a couples retreat?

Why go on a couples retreat? For the same reason you would take a workshop.  A weekend away to focus on your relationship, whether it is in town or far away, is a journey into intimacy and a more connected … Read More

Phases of Recovery from Affairs

There are phases to the recovery of infidelity; it doesnt happen all at once – but the good news is that it can happen – if you want to recover.  Sometimes an affair means its time to end the relationship. … Read More

Packin’ Em In – In Pittsburgh

I just got back from the Sex Therapy conference.  I talked about Erotic Recovery After Infidelity.  What a great crowd.  Aside from all the intellectual stimulation and the great connections I made, I had an outstanding experience in the room … Read More

Sex in Denmark

I am in Odense this week teaching an amazing group of therapists about sex and intimacy in relationships.  Of course this brilliant group of men and women dont really need to learn about sex – we all know about sex, … Read More

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